Welcome to Lauri Novak Photography

Here at Lauri Novak Photography, we’re all about helping YOU.


Here are a few ways:

• You are a business looking for art for your office.
• Redecorating your house? Need art? Look no further.
• Interior Design firm or Art Agency looking for art for your clients? Let us know what you need.
• Photographer who needs a little inspiration and motivation? We’ve got you covered.
• Heading to the Chicagoland area and want a local to show you places to photograph?
We’re here for that too.

What will you find here?

fine art with brush strokes

As you make your way through the images in the galleries
I hope that you find something that speaks to you.

Art should do that. It should take you to another place or another time.
If you’re looking for something specific, get in touch.
I have a wide variety of images in my archives that might be just what you’re looking for.

photo tours brush strokes logo

Travel with Lauri and see the world in an exciting new way.
We offer unique tours from photo walks, day trips and multiple-day tours.
From Chicago to major cities around the world, let’s go explore!

Would you rather do some one-on-one exploring?
We also have private tours available.

mentorship brush strokes text logo

We offer a 6-lesson, kick your creativity in the rear, program if you
need motivation to pick up your camera.
One-on-one mentoring might be for you if you’re looking for assistance in specific areas.
From creating better images to selling your art,
Lauri can help guide you along your creative path.


Join me and a group of like-minded photographers for a
Monthly Photography Challenge. It’s a no-pressure way to push yourself to
try new techniques and photograph different subjects.