2017 B&W Project – 1 of 26

I’ve been part of a B&W Project on Google+ for the last several years.  I also helped moderate the project, coming up with themes and making sure all who participated got some kudos for their ideas and images.  Check out the page on Google+ and you’ll find some really clever ideas and amazing images.

This year I stepped down to spend more time on my own projects and business.  I am not pressuring myself to participate but will when I have an image that works or am out shooting and can shoot for the theme.

The first theme this year is Past, Present & Future.  Here is my interpretation.

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Embrace the light in your past.
Enjoy the light in the present.
Evoke the light in your future.

I took some time today to take a tour with Chicago Elevated of the Pedway. Margaret who is Chicago Elevated started the tour at the Fairmont Chicago. These lamps were up the ramp from the parking.  I thought they made for some interesting shapes, lines and shadows.

There are interesting things all around us if we only just look.  What do you see?

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  1. I love the shadows! The tour sounds like a fun time too!

    1. Thanks – it was interesting and fun. She’s a great tour guide and the Pedway is a bit of a mystery!

  2. Ooooooh this is beautiful!!! I’m so sad to hear you aren’t part of the black and white project anymore. 🙁 Is G+ still pretty active? Lamps are an awesome subject, aren’t they? 😀

    1. Thanks so much Amanda. G+ is still my go to place, so many changes though have made it different and it will never be what it was for all of us photographers. That said, we are all mostly still there, still active, participating in the hunt, themes and mentorship programs! I had to take stock of my priorities for 2017 and I was (as usual) getting myself involved in way too many things. So I’ve stepped down and stepped back to focus on my own work, going with the flow of what I do and what I want, that seems to work best for me. I am actually participating in the B&W project though! Hopefully all 26 this year!

      These lamps were so cool – I’m sure I’ll go back again!!

      1. I think it’s great that you are working on your own projects and priorities! Your photography absolutely blows my mind (as usual)! And the trips you get to take….swoooooooon!!!!

        1. I got really really lucky last year with 2 amazing trips. I’m very fortunate. I would love to be gone a lot more than I am to be honest!! Thanks again – great to see you back!!

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