Art fair inventory sale

Art fair inventory sale

Art fair exhibits. Yes, I used to show my work at them. For about three or four years.

They were fun. It’s always great to be able to talk to people about your art. Hear them talk about what they see and feel as they view your work.

Art fair burnout

While I enjoyed the few years I participated in art fairs, I also missed having my weekends. With our family schedule, it wasn’t always a matter of picking the shows I wanted to do. I had to make sure we could work it out with our calendar.

Eventually, it just all became old. I wasn’t feeling excited about it so it was time to move on.

art fair
A pop-up art fair from this past March


So, what do you do with the extra inventory you have from doing the art fairs?

Some images have made it to the walls in our home. Not many really. Most of it? Stacked neatly on shelves in a storage closet. It’s all covered and taken care of. But honestly, it’s just taking up space.

Besides, what good is art if it’s not being seen, hung on a wall or shown in a gallery, home or office?

art fair
A selection of prints from my Etsy Shop which is now closed. If interested contact me.

Why should you care?

You shouldn’t. Or you certainly don’t have to of course. But, you can benefit from this inventory I have. How?

I closed my Etsy shop, so if you’re interested in any of the images you see here please get in touch.

If you have seen an image in my social media stream that you’re interested in check out my galleries. Let me know if you saw this blog post and I’ll get you a 30% off discount code!

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