Cannes, France: A Beautiful City to Wander

Cannes, France: A Beautiful City to Wander

Woman on beach from above Cannes, France

As I work through some projects, I’ll continue to share these photo essays of places I’ve been or other random series of images I have.

In 2016, I was fortunate to travel to Cannes, France for a photography retreat with a mentor and friend of mine.

decorated window in Cannes, France

Scenes from and in a window. ⁠There were many beautiful windows in Cannes. It’s more than that though, look beyond, look through. There is always more to SEE.

woman with cigarette graffiti in Cannes

Even the graffiti is lovely. She was just peeking out behind this wall of greenery. I couldn’t resist.

lace curtains yellow shutters on window in Cannes

Another window full of stories and character. This one was found in the Old Town area of Cannes.

You can own a limited edition print of this lovely window.

greenery and flowers surround a window

And, oooo, this one took my breath away. So warm, soft and lovely. I could sit here with a book, cup of tea and while away the hours.

girl on phone sitting in window Cannes

Or, maybe find my own window to sit in and call someone. Cannes is a fairly busy city with much activity and people walking everywhere.

bus going by bicycle Cannes

The transportation system between the towns in the South of France is very easy to navigate. We ended up traveling to Grasse for a day as well. So fun to explore.

red bicycle leaning on wall Cannes

This scene greeted me every morning outside of our Air BnB. It struck me as a very typical European and felt a little dreamy.

cannes stair alleyway

As with most European villages and the old towns of cities, they feel magical. It’s an easy trip to the past when you walk down these paths, cobbled streets and alleys.

tree on cannes stairs

Magic appears at almost every turn. This tree captured my attention and I felt that I needed to edit the original image to give it more of the grit and character that I felt while I was there.

I hope you enjoyed a little stroll through Cannes with me. It’s truly a lovely seaside town in the South of France.

If any of these images would look good hanging in your home or office, you can order prints right here.

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