Chicago Cultural Center

Chicago Cultural Center

Chicago Cultural Center is one of those places in Chicago that I feel sometimes falls off the radar for people visiting and photographers. Everyone wants to hit the famous or popular attractions. The truth is, they could find some amazing images here.

The details, lines, tilework and just the whole art of the place are incredible. Whether you appreciate good art or architecture you’ll find both as you wander around.

The main attraction

The biggest reason people visit the Chicago Cultural Center is the Tiffany Dome. It is definitely worth the visit. Of course, the art displays and cultural events are also worth checking out.

The details in this room are also amazing.

General information

For complete information on the Cultural Center check out their website.

The building was completed in 1897. It was Chicago’s first public library.

The country’s top architects and craftsmen worked on this project. They used rare imported marbles, polished brass and fine hardwoods. The mosaics are crafted of Favrile glass, mother-of-pearl and colored stone. All of this to create an architectural showplace.

The building houses the world’s largest stained glass Tiffany dome. It is 38 feet in diameter with some 30,000 pieces of glass. In 2008 it was restored to its original splendor.

There is another dome as well. This dome has 50,000 pieces of glass. It is designed in an intricate Renaissance pattern.

In 1991, the building was established as the Chicago Cultural Center. This was the nation’s first and most comprehensive free municipal cultural venue. Every year, the Chicago Cultural Center presents hundreds of free artists, musicians and performers. The venue provides a showcase where the public can enjoy and learn about the arts.

The next time you’re in Chicago I hope you take some time to explore this beautiful place.

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