Classic cars are art

Classic cars are art

Classic cars, they don’t make them like they used to. Seeing as its car show season, I thought I’d share some images from this year.

Can automotive photography be considered fine art? I believe it can. While my work is nowhere near the level of someone like Tim Wallace who is a commercial photographer, I think that there are plenty of gear heads, car nuts and automotive aficionados out there who enjoy automotive imagery.

Classic features

You recognize them instantly when you see them. That tail light, the grill, fins or other features on the classic cars. Today, cars seem to be featureless. No personality, no character. I love showing these classic features in my images. Classic car owners also love to talk about their babies. It’s fun to find out more about these beauties, the details and stories from their lives.

See more automotive art

What do you think? Can you picture any of these classics on your wall? They would be a great addition to a bar area, den, restaurant or even a corporate office.

Visualize the art

In case you missed this on my site previously, I have a gallery of images that are shown as they might look on the walls of your home or office.

If you’re ever looking for a particular car, year, make and model, please contact me. I have so many images that I’ve not even gone through them all.

Funny side note: As I was writing this the song Cars by Gary Numan came on.

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