Fall: A little local exploration

Fall: A little local exploration

Getting out of the house this fall.

fall leaves in a puddle

I’ve been trying to get out with my camera at least once a week. I’m on a two-week streak so far. 

I love the fall weather, the smell, the freshness and the crunching of the leaves beneath my feet.

There are a couple of locations nearby that I tend to check out regularly.

This is one of them. There is an old stone train bridge which used to be a favorite. They’ve ‘fixed’ the bike path that went under it so it’s not as easy to capture anymore.

This location is a local park I can walk to. In Lord’s Park, there are two big ponds and a couple of spillways to play with.

This last spot is a ‘famous’ local waterfall. Mind you it’s about 8′ tall (so they say). It’s a good place to be in the quiet though and practice longer exposure photography.

It’s always rejuvenating to get out and see the change of seasons through the lens. I hope you have been grabbing your camera and exploring. We can’t always travel far and it’s amazing what you can find locally if you do a bit of exploring and research.

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