A favorite subject to make a statement

A favorite subject to make a statement

Do you have a favorite place? A building you love? Doesn’t everyone have a favorite building?

Why not make that place, that building or whatever your favorite thing might be part of your home or office decor?

Corporate Headquarters

If you own or run a business how do you decorate? You do decorate, right? Having artwork in your boardrooms, reception areas, and throughout your space makes the environment less sterile. Consider finding artwork that is from the local area or where ever your corporate headquarters are.


These images are of No. 1 Blackfriars Road in London. According to the architect Ian Simpson, the unusual shape of the building was inspired by Timo Sarpaneva‘s classic Lansetti glass vase from 1952.


Bring your favorite home

Maybe you’d just like a little (or larger) reminder of a trip you took where you really learned to appreciate the classic architecture of a city.


Adding art that means something to you is a great way to liven up a space and can be a conversation piece.

There are other decor ideas here. If you’d like to purchase any of these prints you’ll find them in this gallery.

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