Gallery pieces: The Flamingo and Brussels Architecture

Gallery pieces: The Flamingo and Brussels Architecture

I am starting Perspectives out with images that I’m excited to announce are represented by Springboard Arts Gallery in Wicker Park, Chicago. It’s an honor to have been one of several artists chosen to participate in this new gallery. The latest news is that it will be opening on November 14, 2020.

Under the Flamingo Gallery Image

The Flamingo by Alexander Caulder is a bright “Calder Orange” sculpture that sits in Federal Plaza in Chicago. The bright orange really stands out against the dark buildings it is surrounded by day or night. It’s particularly interesting to take such a bright-colored object and convert it to black and white but when you add in the dark of night, it creates a high contrast scene which really makes the Flamingo stand out against the night sky and its neighbors.

under the flamingo

Now, imagine this piece framed and hanging in your own home or office. Fits perfectly, right?

Calder Flamingo gallery image

Brussels Architecture

This is one of my favorite pieces. In 2014 I went on a photo workshop/tour with John Batdorff Photography to Brussels, Ghent and Bruges, Belgium. We spent our days wandering and just photographing whatever caught our eye. As usual, I was drawn to the architecture. In this case, we walked into an alley that led to this courtyard of a rather large building. This was looking up in one of the little circular alcoves. What a great find.

Brussels Architecture gallery image

I find it always helps to see an image framed and in a setting to easier visualize how it would look in your own space. Doing this also will show you what sizes might work best in a specific room. If you would like to see more about how sizes look in a space, let me know.

Brussels Gallery Image

If you are interested in a print of Under the Flamingo or Brussels Architecture head on over to Springboard Arts and get the details needed to add this to your own collection.
Under The Flamingo
Brussels Architecture

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