Giving back

Giving back

Giving back with photography is something I have seen so many photographers take part in. Whether it’s providing their services, prints or photographing a project that raises awareness for a cause.

While I’ve done my fair share of some of this I’ve never really felt I’ve done enough, to be honest.


This past fall I was approached by Photo4Change. They asked if I would like to participate by ‘giving’ them some of my images to sell. 100% of the proceeds go to their cause. After reading Jason Turuc’s story, I was in. He is the founder of Photo4Change and his story, unfortunately, is not all that unique.

I shared to you my story so you can see and feel what drives me. My hope is that you understand my passion and join us on this mission.

Jason Turuc
book and giving back

My own story

We all have a story (or several) of our lives. How we became who we are, why we do what we do and more. I thought this was a good time to share mine and how it is the reason Photo4Change resonated with me.

I was once married to a drug addict. There are many stories from those five years but I will just give you a short, overall version of it. When we met, he was clean and sober and had been for two years. Well, life wasn’t always very kind to him and he really didn’t have the skills to handle it. Drugs became the way to mask the pain, as they do for so many. He would do anything to help anyone but was unable to help himself.

In the end, he was killed in a car accident. Was it drug-related? Ultimately, yes.

Visualizing and giving back

Life goes on and giving back helps

Let’s just say, I always knew deep down something like this would happen. Many times throughout our relationship I kept thinking that I could and should be helping others who are dealing with similar situations. I never really pursued that though and I’m not really sure why. Seriously, I had visions of being on Oprah and discussing living with a drug addict in order to shed some light on it and in hopes that sharing my story would help someone else.

So, here I am now, many years later doing what I can to help others who may be in or have gone through a similar situation.

How giving back helps

This is how Photo4Change works. Photo4Change is a collaboration of photographers willing to make a real difference. With every photo donated, 100% of the proceeds will be used to help people struggling with substance abuse. 

If you’d like to join us in making a difference by purchasing prints from me or other amazing photographers you can check out the galleries here.

Thank you

Thank you for allowing me to share a bit of my story and my reason for jumping on board with Photo4Change. It’s not Oprah but every little bit helps.

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