Image series are not always deliberate: Single, White Chair

Image series are not always deliberate: Single, White Chair

As I’m working on a completely different series of images for a project, I came across this chair underwater photo from Cannes, France.

white chair underwater in Cannes black and white. Part of a series.

While uploading it to a commercial site, it reminded me of “The Chair” image I created while in Chicago a few years ago. I hadn’t previously connected the two images in any way.

The Chair - chair on balcony of building in Chicago. Part of a series.

Now I’m wondering if there are others in my archives that have a single, white chair in them. Wouldn’t that be an interesting series?

Of course what else will happen? I’ll start seeing them everywhere.

Back in the days of Google+, I ran a weekly theme with someone. That theme was Lonely Chairs Tuesday. Yep. You’d be surprised how many lonely chairs there are in the world. They make for some interesting story-telling photographs.

Another chair?

Do I have more images I can use? I can think of a few off the top of my head, but they don’t fit in with this particular series. I like the specificness of the Single, White Chair idea. Also, the play of the title of the movie Single, White Female is stuck in my head now. Not that I’ve ever seen the film.

Worth looking back

Because we have so many images in our archives, it gets a bit overwhelming to go through them. To the point that we rarely ever go back through our archives.

Finding projects like this is a good reason to go back and see what we have. Are there other topics or themes throughout the years that could work as a series?

How about you? Do you ever go back through your images to look for those that fit into a current or new project? With all the improvements in the post-processing options, it can be good to go through images to re-edit or those you may have passed over to try to edit them now.

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  1. Ran across this just now and it’s just what I needed! I’ve had an ‘idea’ simmering in the back of my mind and you’ve lit the spark to really get it out in the real world. Thank you!

    1. Lauri Novak

      I love that! You never know when or where inspiration will come from. I look forward to seeing what you’re going to put out in the world!

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