Lines and shadows everywhere, oh my

Lines and shadows everywhere, oh my

Lines and shadows are recurring themes in my photography. They always catch my eye and in both of these images, it was no different. Only, this time the number of lines and shadows just blew me away.

Linear Explosion with long lines and shadows

Early evening makes the best long shadows. When you add in a covered walkway bridge with plenty of linear structural elements you get an explosion of shadows. I may have actually sworn, in a good way, when I walked into this scene.

lines and shadows fine art


Whoa! I’m quite sure that’s what my thoughts were as I entered this abandoned grain bin. I was with a friend of mine and we were creating something in particular around the area and stopped by this along the side of the road. I have images of him in this as well, posing for our project photo. The added interest created by the light and shapes made for a much more interesting portrait.

lines and shadows fine art

I thought these two looked good together. Or…do they hurt your eyes? Too much?

If you are interested in a print of Linear Explosion or Slats head on over to Springboard Arts and get the details needed to add this to your own collection.

Lines and shadows, not your thing? How about city architecture?

UPDATE FEB 2022: Unfortunately Springboard Arts Gallery has closed. I still have some of these prints – check here for inventory.

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