Macro Photography Fine Art

Macro Photography Fine Art

Macro photography can be anything you want it to be.

We are used to equating macro photography with flowers and/or insects mostly. Yes, they’re pretty and interesting subjects, but we don’t see so much more of the world. It leaves a whole variety of subjects open to exploring.

Macro photography wall art

This genre of photography can make for some really interesting and intriguing wall art in your home or office. Macro abstracts can easily add a pop of color or an area of interest to an otherwise bland space.

Or maybe someone has specific interests or hobbies they’d like to display but in a unique way. Music, automotive work and anything is fair game as a macro subject.

Check out more macro photography for your walls

If you browse my galleries you can see that I don’t post (or photograph) many florals. It’s just not my thing. I recently took a macro photography class though as I wanted to learn more about it. I’ve been photographing macro images for many years but I never learned the technical ‘stuff’ or proper techniques. I figured it was time.

So, in the Macro World gallery, you’ll see a few more flowers than normal for me. The images in this gallery were all created in class or doing homework for the class. I’ll continue to add to this gallery as I go through my archives and also create new work.

Inspiration from others

Speaking of learning more, I recently received Don Komarechka‘s book, Macro Photography, The World At Our Feet. Initially, I purchased it so that I could study more, new and sometimes unusual techniques that Don uses. Grow my own macro library and skills. Honestly, though, this book is stunning even if all I ever do is look at the images.

How about it? Does your home, office or home office space need a little sprucing up? Consider using macro photography images to update the look. If you don’t see what you’re looking for in my galleries, reach out to me and ask. I have many images in my archives of many subjects. It’s quite likely I can accommodate your request. If not, I’m always looking for a reason to get my camera out and create (not that I need a reason).

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