Making space for 2022

Making space. It’s a term that I’ve been using every Monday for about three years in a business group I belong to.

What does that mean? Every Monday we talk about what we’re making space for in our upcoming week. It could be anything really, business or personal, whatever we need for that week.


In January I decided my word for the year was commitment. I gave myself the challenge to write and post two blog posts per week (one here and one on my site) and to send out one email per month.

dreams and making space

I’m quite happy to say that I managed to stick with this. Ok, I missed Thanksgiving week on my fine art site, between the holiday and being sick it just didn’t happen. I forgave myself after I beat myself up about it a bit. Really, one single blog post out of 104 is a win in my book.

Making space for what’s next

What IS next here at See With Lauri? Well, hopefully, some photo tours will happen in 2022. There are currently two scheduled for Chicago and one in the fall for Berlin is tentatively in the works.

Beyond that? I have ideas (ha…always and too many) for other cities and locations.

artist date and making space

Also, I’m still offering my 6-lesson mentorship course along with individual mentoring if that’s something you’re looking for.

Beyond those? Well, I’m open to ideas as well. What do YOU want? What do you feel like I can help you with?

Help me help you

Over the last few years, I’ve been told how much I have inspired some of you. My question is how or what is it that I do or did that inspired you? What action did you take because of something I wrote, an image I posted or some other random posting that sparked some sort of inspiration in you? Seriously, I’d like to know so I can do more of those things. I want to help more and be more deliberate about what it is I’m doing that does help.

The best way for me to be able to help you is if you let me know the answer to these questions. You can either reply to this via email, answer in the comments or if you’d prefer here is a handy dandy form to fill out.

Thank you for making space for me

Last, but not least. Thank you for being here with me this past year. I truly appreciate you being here.

making space

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