New artwork for your home or office

New artwork for your home or office

New artwork! It’s been a while since I’ve shared some of my new work. I created just a few new mock-ups for you so you can envision what it’ll look like in your home or office.

A few weeks ago a friend and I went for a walk down along the Chicago Riverwalk. It’s really become one of my favorite places to create photographs. There are so many options and subjects to choose from.

new artwork
Pinched” Along the Chicago Riverwalk

If you’ve been following me for any length of time you know that I am drawn to reflections quite a bit. Using reflections in photography is a great way to create abstracts, show layers, add depth and so much more to an image.

new artwork
Under a bridge on the riverwalk

Fine art photography in your home or office can be a much needed pop of color. It can reflect your location or take you back to a place you love. Choose pieces that speak to you and add a little something extra to the room.

new artwork
110 North Wacker from the Chicago River

New artwork – new look

Adding new artwork is an easy way to redecorate or update an area in your home or office. Sometimes just one or two new pieces can create a whole different look and feel. It’s kind of like adding new accent pillows. Rotate pieces out with the season and keep the look fresh.

You can find more room mock-ups in this gallery.

Purchasing from my site

These three images are available in the Architecture – Color gallery. If you’re interested in purchasing, just click on the link in the caption of each one and it will take you to that image.

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