Our Garden

Our Garden

lettuce leaves in garden
Lettuce from our garden 

Nothing Better Than Fresh Fruit and Veggies

I grew up with homegrown and homemade food. My parents were farmers from North Dakota, it’s what they knew and how they were raised. I am grateful for this in so many ways, food is one of those ways.

Now, I’m married to a city boy. But, he enjoys the garden plot we have in our backyard. Me? I stay out of it most of the time. I mean having been raised by farmers means I know a certain way of planting, watering, nurturing and harvesting. He has his own way of doing things.

lettuce from the garden
Different types of lettuce from our garden

Too many memories of coming home after school and spending an hour or two weeding two large garden plots is enough to put me off of it. 

Although, in the last year or so I’ve started rambling out to our backyard and pulling up a few weeds here and there. It gets me off my rear and out in the fresh air at least.

haul from the garden tomatoes peppers cucumbers
Quite the haul 

Growing to give away

Some years he grows things we don’t even eat. I still don’t understand why. He doesn’t eat cucumbers. I like them but they don’t like me. So, we give them away when we do grow them.

Hot peppers or any type of peppers, those are all him. I freeze them though and use them in my cooking throughout the year. Excess tomatoes are also frozen to use for sauce mostly.

peppers from the garden
Peppers in the fence

The majority of the hot peppers he grows are given away. Last year he used a few of them to make pepper jelly. Gave a few jars to people for Christmas and there is still one in the fridge, he’s likely forgotten it’s there.

corn on the cob
Tiny ear of corn

We both love sweet corn and are fortunate there are several farm stands near us where we can stop and pick up a few ears each week when it’s in season.

We tried to grow it a couple of times. Mostly, the raccoons or some other critters got it, despite the fence around the garden. It also requires a certain amount of cross-pollination and we don’t have the space to grow enough of it to make that work well.

cantaloupe from the garden
Cantelop from our garden

One of the first times Mike grew cantaloupe, he was so happy. It is fun to see the city boy reap the rewards of his efforts.

garden pumpkin

Pumpkins are not a yearly choice. We’ve carved them, and made pie I think once. He doesn’t like pumpkin pie so not sure why he grew them other than to carve. I think he likes to see that he can grow them (and some of the other veggies in our garden).

tomato on cutting board
Picture perfect 

We both love tomatoes and love having fresh from the vine. The supermarket varieties taste nothing like the ones you get from your garden.

Give me some burrata or fresh mozzarella and tomatoes from the garden and I’m all set for lunch. It’s so good.

Grateful for the garden

tomato salad
Tomato, feta and basil salad

Somewhere I found a tomato salad recipe — I don’t remember exactly what else went into it. Basil and maybe a bit of oil and vinegar. 

creamy cucumber salad
Fresh cucumber salad 

When we grew cucumbers I had to make this salad. My mom used to make it and it’s so good. Mayo, sour cream, vinegar, pepper and a touch of sugar are what I remember. It is so summery.

This year he planted a sage and basil plant. Nice to have fresh herbs and makes me keep thinking about getting one of those Aero Gardens so we can have herbs, lettuce and tomatoes all year long.

We are grateful for our garden and the fresh food we get to grow in it.

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