Peoples Gas Education Pavilion

Peoples Gas Education Pavilion

A person could spend hours here with their camera. Even without the camera, it’s a lovely area to wander around in.

I don’t get to this location as often as I’d like but I try to make the most of it when I do. Having to be in the Wicker Park area to drop off some artwork at a gallery, I decided to go early and ended up spending about an hour at the Peoples Gas Pavilion.

Peoples Gas Education Pavilion
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Architect Jeanne Gang, the same woman who designed the Aqua Building and the St. Regis Chicago, is the genius behind this sculpture. It was constructed in 2010.

As you might imagine, it’s a popular place for photographers of every genre. Particularly weddings and portraits. It frames the Chicago skyline beautifully and makes a wonderful backdrop for these events.

I love finding new ways to photograph a subject I have photographed many times before. This pavilion is no different.

The wood grain is gorgeous combined with the shapes. Here I wanted to include the tree to mimic the organic nature of the pavilion.

Depending on the light, time of day and weather, the color of the wood pops. Other times it can appear grayish.

It’s fascinating to walk around picking out shapes and lines. Many repeated patterns can make for interesting images.

The ‘roof’ for lack of a better term, is tricky. Some days it looks dirty and greenish. Maybe I was lucky that day and it had just rained or been cleaned. These panels remind me of overturned boats.

Zooming in can offer interesting differences in the way we look at the pavilion as a whole.

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If you’re ever in the Lincoln Park area, this is located right next to the Lincoln Park Zoo and is worth a visit. You could also join me for a Chicago Photo Tour in 2024, this is one of the locations where we spend some time.

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