Polar Opposites: A book project

Polar Opposites: A book project

Books. Photo books in particular are quite popular.

This particular book idea has been living in my head for the last three years. It’s finally working its way out into the real world.

The idea of this book

In 2016, I traveled to the Arctic, Spitsbergen/Svalbard, to be exact. An idea to create cohesive series came to me almost the minute I landed. I looked out at the mountains surrounding Longyearbyen and saw abstract shapes and contrasts in the snow and rock. So, I photographed them with the thought in my head that I would continue that throughout the trip.


As we headed out to sea, more opportunities for series appeared to me. Water abstracts and ice abstracts. The Arctic light is magical and combined with the waters made for some really intriguing patterns and shapes.

Then in 2019, I had the opportunity to go to the Antarctic Peninsula. Often when you’re traveling you can become overwhelmed with trying to capture the landscape, the scenes and the essence of your trip. I decided to continue my series from the Arctic, just from the other end of the earth. It helped me stay focused on finding images and not just start aiming my camera at anything and everything (as much as I wanted to).

Polar Opposites

While there are plenty of similarities in the polar regions, there are also differences. Some of these differences are quite subtle but they are there if you learn about the areas and pay attention. By paying attention to just a few subjects I was able to come back and find ways to put the two together. To compare and yet see the similarities.

You can see what I mean by the images in this post. Same, yet different.

Why am I sharing this book idea now?

I belong to a mentoring community that finally allowed me to push this idea out of dormancy. Now, I’m excited about it and can’t wait to start working on it more. I would like to publish this, sell it and use part of the proceeds to donate to Polar research and conservation.

There is a lot of work to be done, beyond choosing images. I will be researching the locations that I may have missed recording. The text needs to be written, the stories that go with each image. The story of my own travels and how these bucket list trips became a reality.

Help with the book

Also, I’d like to ask for your help. I would love to find a local-to-me publisher. Yes, there are publishers in Chicago but I mean local-local. Closer than Chicago. A small, independent book creator so I can be part of the process. I think that would be fascinating.

What else do I need help with? Staying on task. Being motivated and focused on this book project. How can you help me with that? Send me an email, message me or contact me through my site. Ask me how it’s going, if it’s going and just be that kick in the rear I’ll likely need from time to time.

If you’d like to see more of my Polar image you can check out the galleries: The Arctic & Antarctica.

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