Practice seeing shadows every day with your mobile phone

Practice seeing shadows every day with your mobile phone

For about a year, I’ve been grabbing my phone and capturing the shadows I see in and around my home. Why?

Practice seeing

Just by choosing one topic, in this case, shadows, you’ll become much more aware of them. This is very helpful in your photography. For instance, if you want to improve your compositions pick a composition subject or ‘rule’ to focus on finding every day.

Maybe you want to get better at seeing color combinations in nature that work well together. Choose a specific color wheel combination such as secondary colors or orange, green and purple, and start looking for that.

Don’t forget to grab your phone and record your findings each day. Think of this as taking notes. It will show you your progress and be a great reference tool if you need it.

Take a quick break to find shadows

This has given me just a quick break every day. Typically I’ll notice right away in the morning as my desk faces east and the sun comes through the blinds. But, sometimes I forget and end up picking up my phone and wandering around the house. It gets me up out of my chair and looking at other things besides my computer monitor.

It’s fun

If you need a reason to post to social media, or just as a way to keep a record of what you are doing, upload your images to stories, or other social spaces. I’ve been adding my daily images to my Instagram stories. They’re there, then they just disappear. For my own amusement perhaps. And, maybe others will enjoy seeing them and even learn something.

You don’t have to spend a ton of time on this. I usually just grab a filter from my phone camera to apply and off it goes.

Share your shadows

Regardless of what you choose to focus on, I know it’ll help you start seeing more around you. Pick a new topic or subject each week. Make a game out of it.

Let me know what you’re focusing on and share your images with me in the comments.

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