Projects and fine art photography

Projects and fine art photography

Projects! If you’re anything like me you have several going on at once. Not only that, you have ideas for more in your head, in a notebook or a document electronically somewhere.

Time to start this project

This project, which I’m not likely to fully name here in this post because, well at this point I’m just putting it out into the Universe. It’s been in my head for three years and it’s time to allow it to escape my brain and make it to paper/print. At the very least it’s time to get the assets together and in some sort of order.

It’s a start.

Benefits of starting projects

One of the benefits of starting this project is that I am going through my archives looking for images to include. That means I’ll be adding new images to a couple of my galleries. I’m pretty sure you’ll guess which ones when you read this post. It’s exciting to go back and relive travel adventures. I love finding images that I passed over before either due to sheer volume or they just didn’t speak to me at that particular moment.

Like this image for example:

There is much work to do

Honestly, I’m not sure why I haven’t ever even started this project before. Thankfully, I’m in a very supportive mentoring community with like-minded individuals who are all sharing their own projects. This is motivating and inspiring for me. If you follow my work, and peruse my galleries you’ll notice that I can be a bit all over the place. Welcome to my brain.

Being in the community has also given me a bit of accountability. Unfortunately, I’m good at the coming up with ideas part and then not always following through. I tend to be of the “it’ll happen when I’m ready” thought process. Sometimes that’s good, sometimes maybe I should push a little harder.

What do projects like this mean for you, the art collector?

Well, I’m hoping it means that you’ll have new work to add to your collection. It will also mean that my work will be in another printed form, beyond the fine art print. A collection of its own, if you will. Something cohesive with a bit of added story-telling included.

I know this has been a little cryptic, I’ve meant it to be. It’s me, putting this out to you and the universe so that it starts breathing on its own and coming to life.

If you’d like to help me along, send me a message once in a while. Ask me how it’s going. Check on the project progress. Nudge me. Kick me in the rear. Because sometimes that’s what it takes.

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