Fine art room mock-ups

Fine art room mock-ups

Mock-ups: 1) a full-size model of something large that has not yet been built, showing how it will look or operate. 2) a plan of how a page of a website, magazine, newspaper, etc. will look when it is finally created. (Definition is taken from the Cambridge Dictionary.)

As I continue down this fine art path, I’ve been learning as I go as most of us do. I have always admired those who could create their own wall spaces to showcase their artwork. Me? I’m not a big photoshop user so I searched out methods of doing this that were simple for me to learn and actually create.

Mock-up Gallery

Here is an entire gallery of room mock-ups. There are both residential and commercial rooms and spaces where you might want to have some artwork on display. Clicking on an image will take you to a larger version of it so you can see it better.

Mock-ups are kind of fun. I am enjoying finding rooms and then seeing which of my pieces look best in those spaces. Color, shapes, locations and more can go into deciding which image works best in a room mock-up.

Create your own mock-ups

Many sites now have the capability to use a photo from your own space to add art to the walls. This way you can visualize how a piece looks in your home or office. It will help you decide what size print will work best as well.

If you have any questions about your own space or are looking for some fine art photography to decorate your home or office with please let me know.

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