Simplify life

Simplify life

Well, that didn’t take long, did it?

Then again, the way my brain works I’m not surprised, are you? What am I talking about? I went and changed my website, again. I lived with it for close to six months (I truly thought is was a year) and decided it didn’t fit with what I really wanted.


I have been choosing a word to guide my year and for the last several years that word has been FOCUS. Cuz, you know, squirrel!

This year I’m working on Simplify. Life is so much easier, less stressful and seems to just float along much smoother when things are kept simple.

This is being applied to more than just my website. I’ve been clearing out the basement (for what seems like years), drawers, cabinets and just eliminating what is not needed.


The excitement faded

Like anything new, you get all ramped up and excited about it and then all of a sudden other priorities raise to the forefront.

I chose a whole different way of showcasing my work here. Finding a new WordPress-based theme and platform to be able to sell my images was huge for me. I found something so simple it’s hard to believe it works so easily without yearly subscriptions to 18 different things to make it work. Totally Simplified.

Wait, what about my new site? Here it is, again. New. Simple.

Simplify the process

I got away from the rhythm I was in with a weekly blog post showing you new and old work. Sharing ideas for home and office decor was the plan and here I am, telling you that I’m getting back to that.

There will always be squirrels but by living with the word Simplify, I am better prepared to do more consistent work and keep moving forward. Have a look around, there will be new images and more galleries added. I’m looking forward to helping you beautify your home or office.

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