Social media and my fine art photography

Social media and my fine art photography

Social media. Love it. Hate it. It seems to be a necessary evil today in our marketing plans.

That said, it doesn’t have to be. I know of artists who do not post daily to their social accounts. They still do all right. We’ve been made to believe we HAVE to be out there, constantly.

In some ways, yes I believe that. But, there are other ways to get our work out into the world as well.

Social media shows more work than in my galleries

I thought I’d take this opportunity to share some of what goes on my Instagram account. Why? Because much of what is there doesn’t actually make it into the galleries here on my site.

Again, why? Well, if we are to believe art advisors and the like, we are supposed to limit our presentation of what we offer on our sites. Have one main portfolio but make sure it’s not to wildly varied in subject matter or type of image.

I know I’m not the only one who struggles with this. So, I decided to stop worrying about it or caring much about it. Will that hurt me or help me? That remains to be seen. For my photographer and artist audience I wrote about this for Photofocus.

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My Instagram feed

Quite some time ago, three years or so ago, I decided to keep my Instagram feed cohesive in some way. The grid approach seemed to make the most sense. It’s how people view your profile on their mobile devices which is where it is seen the most.

Every so often I would make sure it was only my fine art work. Architecture mostly, automotive work and some travel images are thrown in. Those are the main subjects that my galleries are based on. Great. Looks good. Makes sense and is consistent and cohesive looking.

B-o-r-i-n-g. Well, to me it gets that way. Yes, people tend to associate me with architectural photography. Yes, it’s something I love and photograph quite a bit. No, it’s not the ONLY thing I photograph.

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Social media my way

Recently I decided that social media is going to start looking a little bit more like a mish-mash of subjects. There will still be Series of 9 though as that helps keeps the aesthetic neat and tidy. But, some of the series may be of subjects that don’t fit so tidily into my galleries. They won’t fit in the architectural, automotive or travel boxes. I don’t fit in a box and neither does my photography.

While I would love to work with architectural, design and decorating firms. I don’t want that to be the only thing I do. Social media is an outlet for many artists. Yes, it can be and is a place to promote your work, conduct business and speak directly to your audience. But, it’s also a place to showcase who you are personally, what your interests are and allow your audience to see the real you as well. That’s how we connect.

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Audience interests

Why am I sharing all this? Because as my audience and potential customers, my guess is that you have a wide variety of interests as well. Maybe you are tired of seeing my architectural, automotive and travel work. Who knows, maybe you like my photographic style but are wondering if I have other subjects that interest you. That could be all it takes for you to become a customer, right?

I could be shooting myself in the foot here but I don’t feel that way. I have never been a go along with the crowd, do what you should do, or what everyone/experts tell you. Right or wrong. It’s part of my charm. (right?)

If you ever see an image in my social media feed that speaks to you, that you just wish you could have for your home or office, let me know. Not everything you see makes it to my website. That does not mean it’s not available in print. Just ask.

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  1. While I am on 3 top Social Media Sites and post often. They don’t feed my sales…like almost never. (I use it mostly for market research)
    It’s like Instagram, It’s all built around “The Photograph” and while it does do well to promote other items for sale (That use photography as the message/medium) it’s HORRIBLE for selling photography. It’s like going to a Supermarket to buy a Grocery really, it is. Selling art is about other methods, it about thinking about the process by which people buy things. Not the obvious…Social Media

    1. Thank you Peter for taking the time to read and think about this. I always appreciate your input, experience and opinions. Navigating the selling art world is an ever-changing process. Trying to find the right audience and figuring out how to reach them and engage takes work for sure.

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