The Travel Section – Brussels

The Travel Section – Brussels

Not your typical Sunday newspaper travel section, this is more about the images. Of course it is, I’m a photographer. So you won’t find my best restaurant or hotel recommendations but you will find photographs that I hope allow you to visit places.

Perhaps you’ll find an image that reminds you of a trip you took. Maybe you’ll see something you just must have on your wall in your office to look into whenever you need a mental break. Or it could just be that bucket list trip you’ve been wanting to take and having a photo of that place will keep it ‘on your list’.

Brussels is a beautiful city

I was fortunate to travel to Brussels as part of a photography tour with one of my favorite photographers, John Batdorff. He is also who I credit for helping me immensely at the beginning of my digital photography experience. I’m still grateful for his guidance and all that I learned from him.

Being in a city with someone who knows where to go and how to get everywhere makes it so much easier to focus on taking in all you see and creating images that echo your experience. 

The Architecture

Of course, I’m always drawn to architecture no matter where I am. I particularly love European cities for the mixture of old (really old) and new. 


How about you? Where is your favorite place to travel? Do you have images of that place hanging anywhere in your home or maybe at the office?

The great thing about printing images or buying artwork from others is that all you have to do is look at that photo hanging on your wall and you are immediately taken right back to that time and place. It’s magical what a photographic print can do.

To see more from Brussels check out the Belgium gallery. I will be back with stories and images from Ghent and Brugge as well.

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