The Travel Section – Polar

The Travel Section – Polar

Not your typical Sunday newspaper travel section, this is more about the images. Of course it is, I’m a photographer. So you won’t find my best restaurant or hotel recommendations but you will find photographs that I hope allow you to visit places.

Perhaps you’ll find an image that reminds you of a trip you took. Maybe you’ll see something you just must have on your wall in your office to look into whenever you need a mental break. Or it could just be that bucket list trip you’ve been wanting to take and having a photo of that place will keep it ‘on your list’.

Arctic Iceberg Abstract

The Arctic & Antarctica

Most of us, when we think of the Arctic, we think of polar bears, snow, ice and cold. Antarctica brings to mind images of penguins (yes, I have plenty of those) and vast mountains and icebergs, and probably crossing the Drake Passage.

To say I’m fortunate to have been to both is a huge understatement. Both were overwhelming and incredibly emotional. So overwhelming that I had to stop, slow down and figure out where to point my camera. In the end, I went with what I saw and felt. Of course, I took the ‘must-have’ shots as well and documented my trips but trying to capture something so vast and beautiful all in one image, well you can’t.

Polar Water Abstracts

The Architecture of Nature

It almost always comes back to architecture for me. Lines, shapes, light and shadows. Nature is the original architect. Once I took some deep breaths and let the sites in front of me speak to me I had a much easier time creating images that showcased not only the big picture but also the intimate details of these two incredible places.

My heart belongs to the mountains.

If you want to read a little more about the Arctic trip you can find that here.

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