‘Tis almost the season for gifts

‘Tis almost the season for gifts

Gifts. Sometimes they can be so simple to find and other times you just can not figure out what works for some people.

Let me help you this year.

Too early for gifts?

Perhaps it is. Then again with all the talk of delayed shipments maybe we should just get ahead of the game this year.

So, how can I help you? Art. That’s how. With a wide range of subjects, locations and options available, I’m guessing I just might have something for almost everyone on your list.

Fine art for the walls

While much art is highly personal, I believe finding the perfect piece for a family member or friend doesn’t have to be that difficult.

Here on my fine art site, you’ll find Architecture, Automotive, Travel, Abstract and a few Macro images. These images are available as fine art prints, canvas prints and mounted prints and come in a variety of sizes. If you have questions about any of these just let me know.

You’ll also find Limited Edition Prints that might work for someone on your list.

More options for gifts

In case you haven’t noticed, I try to keep the art on this site more geared toward fine art and streamlined. Well, I’ve been a photographer for quite a few years and have images of many subjects that don’t quite fit here.

I choose to put them out into the world via another platform. I use Fine Art America/Pixels.com to showcase the mish-mash of subjects that some of my work is. Just because it doesn’t fit into what is my ‘fine art style’ box, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be out there for anyone interested.

These are just a few examples of what is available. There are home decor items, apparel, tote bags, note cards and more.

Questions or can’t find what you’re looking for?

As always, if you see something in my social feeds that you want, just contact me and I’ll make it happen.

If you have questions about sizing, pricing or anything else you can think of, please let me know.

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