Union Station: Chicago

Union Station: Chicago

Union Station in Chicago is one of those city icons. It first opened in 1925 and was initially the idea of architect Daniel Burnham. You can read more about its history and design on the station website.

It’s a photographer’s dream to photograph, especially if you’re into architecture. Besides the Great Hall, staircases and trains the details everywhere are ornate and beautiful.

Union Station
The Grand Hall

Here is another site that has more information about the station, its history and its uses. It has also been the backdrop for many scenes in television and movies. I’m sure you know a few.

Union Station
The amazing ceilings

As a photographer, you could wander around the station for days. You will find many different perspectives, architectural features, reflections and people to photograph.

Union Station
One of the staircases

Traveling through on your way somewhere? It brings to mind the heyday of train travel when people would dress up and cross the country this way.

Union Station
Don’t forget to look up

Going back through some of my images makes me want to head downtown again for more. Luckily, the train from where I live stops at Union Station. Quite convenient!

People watching is always good at train stations

I hope you’ve enjoyed just a small snippet of the grand Chicago Union Station. There is so much more information out there and I’m quite sure I have plenty more images of it to share. You can find these and other Chicago images in my Chicago Gallery.

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