What Is My Purpose?

What Is My Purpose?

I’ve Been Searching

The past year or more I’ve been struggling with my why. What am I here for, what am I supposed to be doing and why do I do what I do? At times it was debilitating. What is my purpose and what’s the point of doing anything if I don’t know what my purpose is?

Seven years ago I left the corporate world. I’m far less stressed and much happier. It was worth the loss of income for those reasons alone.

I’ve always been creative in some way. There were dance and art classes throughout my younger years, dance continued into my 40s. Photography has been part of my life in some form my whole life. Even in my corporate jobs, there was an element of creativity in marketing, graphic design and advertising.

Through all of that, I couldn’t settle on the fact that my purpose was to work for others in that way. I’ve always felt I was meant for more, not in an egotistical way but in a way that made me feel like I was missing a part of myself.

Recently Jessica Morgan commented on one of my stories on Medium…

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Jessica has no idea that this sparked something in me, something I’ve been searching for for years.

My purpose.

Yes, I’m a photographer. I sell some of my work. Yes, I write, I create. Yes, I educate.

I’m also a wife, sister, stepmom, and friend. I try to be the best human I can be.

But I never felt that I had a purpose, beyond being a caregiver to Ryan, and I know that’s no small feat. But I didn’t feel this was my true purpose. I struggled to know what my purpose was.

When I read Jessica’s comment, a lightbulb lit up.

mountain with snow purpose

There have been clues lately. Maybe there were always clues and I wasn’t paying attention. That is quite likely since my brain is usually all over the place.

My purpose is to inspire others.

How do I live my Purpose?

By continuing to be myself and doing what I do. You never know who is watching and how what you do or say might spark something in someone else.

By continuing to show others how good they can be.

By focusing on what other creatives want to learn, create and know.

This is me, putting myself out into the world as someone who inspires others. I’m finally owning that. Well, I will own it, eventually. I’m slow to accept such things but feel I’m on the right track now. That lightbulb moment did its job.

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